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For each city and territory, we maintain historical statistics of opened listings and returned items. You can view these figures through the following links: planet, countries, regions, cities, and villages. With these statistics for your area, you can estimate your chances of recovering your lost item.

Keep in mind that as LaFmap is relatively new and varies in popularity across different regions, our statistics may not be entirely comprehensive. Additionally, it's encouraging to note that since the creation of LaFmap, there has been a significant improvement in the culture of returning lost items, as more people become aware of this service.

One of the primary goals of LaFmap is to foster trust and create friendlier, more connected communities. When a stranger returns your lost item, it not only restores faith in people but also builds a community of caring and trusting individuals.

Please spread the word about LaFmap to your neighbors. Doing so not only helps people recover their lost items but also fosters a warmer, more caring community.