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Thank you for your willingness to return the found item to its owner! Your actions show great community spirit.

The key is to take a quality photo of the found item, helping the owner recognize their property. However, ensure the photo doesn't reveal answers to potential verification questions. These questions should pertain to details about the item that only the owner would know. For examples of such questions, see here.

Add a concise title that clearly describes the find, such as 'Found a white hat near the bus stop' or 'Found a husky dog with a black head and white ear.' Include a detailed description of the item and its discovery location, but intentionally omit one or two details to use in your verification question.

Be aware that, unfortunately, scammers sometimes pretend to be owners of found items. To learn how to avoid such deceit, read: 'When you find something, how not to give the item to scammers?'

Don’t forget to share your listing on social networks to help reach more people who might recognize the owner of the found item.

Thank you for helping to return lost items. People, like you make our communities better!