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We're sorry to hear that you've lost something dear to you. Let's work together to try and recover it.

Try to recall where and when you last saw your item. LaFmap uses a map to mark all lost and found items. When creating your listing, select the location on the map where you might have lost your item. If you're unsure of the exact place, mark an approximate location. Then, in the description, add details about how and where you lost the item, such as the specific transport used or the route taken if you were on a walk.

If you have a photo of the lost item, add it to the listing. This will assist in identifying the item as yours if someone finds it.

Don’t forget to share your listing on social networks. Encouraging friends to spread the word can significantly increase its visibility.

Beware of scammers who might pretend to have your item and demand money for its return. To learn how to protect yourself in such situations, read our guide: 'How to Protect Yourself from Scammers When You Have Lost Something?'