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Unfortunately, some people pretend to have found your item and attempt to extort money from you without actually possessing your lost item.

In a common scam, fraudsters often demand that you transfer money to them first. They may request a transfer to a card, phone, etc., before returning the lost item. Never transfer money in advance! First, receive your item, and then express your gratitude.

If you encounter a scammer, exercise caution when they offer excuses for why you should pay before receiving the lost item. For example, scammers might claim that your item is in their car and promise to retrieve it as soon as you pay the reward. Once they receive the money, they typically disappear.

Always ask for photo confirmation that the person actually has your item.

Do not ask leading questions. If someone claims to have found your item, avoid asking leading questions like 'Was the phone in a white case?'. Instead, require them to provide a description. Request the person to describe a unique feature of your item that isn't visible in any published photos. If the person cannot identify this feature, they are likely attempting to deceive you.