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Sometimes, scammers pretend to be the rightful owners of found items, aiming to deceitfully acquire them for resale or to extort a reward from the actual owner. To avoid giving an item to a scammer, confirm the claimant's ownership by asking questions about details that a genuine owner would know. Also, ensure that the photo in the listing doesn't reveal the answer to your verification question.

General Guideline: If you found an item in a specific place (like under a bench or a seat), ask the claimant to describe exactly where and under what circumstances they lost it. This applies to all item categories.

Typical Questions for Verifying the Owner


  • Was the device in a case? What color was it?

  • If it's a phone, what is depicted on the screensaver?

  • If it's a camera, are there any identifiable photos on it?

  • Are there any visible signs or defects on the device?

  • If available, please provide a photo of the lost electronic item or of you with it.


  • What items are in the wallet? (Do not reveal any content beforehand)

  • Can the owner name the exact amount of money in the wallet? (Again, do not reveal this first)

  • Are there any special items or documents in the wallet they can describe?

  • Do they know any card number or other identification data in the wallet?

  • If possible, please provide a photo of the lost wallet or of you with it.


  • Are there any identifiers or unique elements on the keys? (e.g., a tag, brand, keychain)

  • If you have a photo of the keys or of you with them, kindly provide it. |nBag:

  • Can they describe specific details of the bag? (e.g., size, color of stitching)

  • What personal items are inside?

  • If you have a photo of the lost bag or of you carrying it, please share it.


  • Can they describe the clothing? (e.g., size, brand)

  • Please provide a photo of the lost clothing item or of you wearing it, if available.


  • If the jewelry is a pair (like earrings), can they provide a photo of the other piece?

  • Can they describe the jewelry in detail?

  • Kindly provide a photo of the lost jewelry item or of you wearing it, if available.


  • Does the animal have an identifier (tag, collar, chip)?

  • Are there any unique features or characteristics?

  • Do they have a photo with the animal? Please provide it if available.


  • Can they show another document with the same name and surname?

  • Ask them to name parts of the data covered in a photo.

  • If you have a photo of the lost document or of you with it, it would be helpful to provide it.